Ascension Day

Welcome to our service of Holy Communion to celebrate the ascension of our Lord. Today we recorded the service live at St George’s Simister, with our brothers and sisters from the Prestwich Mission Partnership – St Mary’s, St Gabriel’s, St Margaret’s and St George’s.

We begin with the hymn “Alleluia, sing to Jesus”:

The service is here:

The Anthem is “The Lord Ascendeth up on High” (Praetorius):

We conclude with “At the Name of Jesus”, sung here by our singing group, Maggie’s Music Makers:

The Lord Ascendeth up on High © 2007 Oxford University Press

St Margaret’s Church Prestwich holds CCLI licences CCL 79250, MRL 775231 and 466111 for music streaming and One Licence M-40120 for music streaming.

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