Who’s Who?

Ministry Team

  • Associate Priest – Rev Sue. Sue has been a member of the parish since 2013, and clergy since 2018. She enjoys walking and being with her grandchildren.
  • Reader – Christine. Christine is a life-long member of St George’s and St Margaret’s.

Authorised Lay Ministers

  • Carol O – ALM for prayer, spirituality and worship. She also leads our Wholeness and Wellbeing Services once a month. Please contact Carol O regarding baptisms. 
  • Andrew G – ALM for pastoral care, retired social worker and keen fisherman.
  • Carol P – ALM for digital communications. Carol P’s background is in social media management, web design, IT training, and choral conducting.

Church Wardens:

  • St Margaret’s – David M & Laurel A
  • St George’s – Joan K & Carol K

Safeguarding Officers:

  • Jacqueline J (children)
  • Andrew G (vulnerable adults)

Music Team

  • Director of Music – Carol P – please contact regarding singing practices or booking singers for your wedding
  • Organist and Pianist – Tom D

Booking our Buildings

  • Lady Wilton Hall – Joan K
  • St Margaret’s Church House – Joan E  has attended St Margaret’s since 1970 when she moved into the district. She has served as Church Warden twice and has been a member of the PCC since 1985. She has looked after the bookings for St Margaret’s Church hall bookings since 2000.
  • St Margaret’s Community Centre – Church Wardens

Following the 2023 APCM, the results of elections and membership of the PCC is:

Rev Sue, Reader Christine, ALM Carol O, ALM Andrew G, ALM Carol M P, David M, Laurel A, Joan K, Carol K, Anne O, Barbara A, Carol A P, Danni Z, Tom D, Jacqui J  

Deanery Synod Reps:

  • Gillian M
  • Diane H

Our churches rely on the generosity of their congregations for their very existence. There are no government subsidies, nor is there financial support from the diocese – in fact it is parishes like ours that support the diocese. You can read all about how we are funded here: Financial Giving Leaflet

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