Sunday School

St. Margaret’s Sunday School welcomes all children aged 3 years and above.

We meet every Sunday during term time, 9.45am to 11am in the Church House (opposite church).

We made a “Noah” display

Come along and join in the fun – we sing songs, read stories, play games, do craft activities and have lots of fun whilst learning about Jesus. On the first Sunday each month, our children take an active part in the 9.45am service, writing the prayers, forming the Offertory Party, and singing two songs for the congregation. Quite often, they are also involved in Rev Deborah’s highly interactive sermons!

Our youngest children have been learning about baby Moses



This is what some of our children (and teachers!) said about St Margaret’s Sunday School:

We do Christmas parties, Harvest, Pentecost, Palm Sunday.  We do singing first.  We do puzzles, anagrams and word searches.  We do birthdays and good news. My favourite thing is the singing in church.     Ethan, aged 11

I like the musical instruments.  I like drawing and colouring in.     Sadie, aged 3

We do singing and colouring and thinking.  I like Anniversary Sunday and I like Palm Sunday.     Grace, aged 6

I like playing musical instruments whilst singing our songs.  I also like reading bible stories in our Sunday School lessons.     Clara, aged 8

I’ve really enjoyed teaching the children this year.  It has been a challenge trying new approaches and seeing which the children enjoy the most but it has been equally rewarding.  I have thoroughly enjoyed socialising with the Sunday School teachers, for example, our wonderful cheese and wine night at Rev’d Deborah’s house.     Carol, aged 28

Singing solos, fun activities, singing in church.     Jake, aged 11

I like singing in the mornings because they help you wake up and they are very catchy.  I also like doing the solos sometimes.  It’s also fun to sing them in church for different occasions.     Molly, aged 11

Drink and biscuits.     Thomas, aged 3

I like to colour pictures in.     Darcy, aged 4

Just drop in, or contact us for more information.