Wind and Fire

The Holy Spirit came upon the apostles like the rush of a violent wind, with tongues of fire dancing on their heads; people from all nations heard the apostles speaking in their own language, and some 3,000 responded by being baptized into Christ. Wow! What a sight to see! … More Wind and Fire

The book of Exodus – and what it teaches contemporary Christians and Jews

The Exodus story is thought to have taken place in around 1250 BC, and the story enables Christians and Jews to understand a key facet of God’s nature – his intervention in human suffering and his ongoing will to save his people by providing them with freedom and a moral code for living … More The book of Exodus – and what it teaches contemporary Christians and Jews

The Lord is my Light and my Salvation – Brad Nix

At St Margaret’s we are blessed to welcome highly talented musicians to perform concerts for us. One of the more recent groups to do this is HeartEdge Manchester. This is a group of choral scholars from across Greater Manchester, led by Andrew Earis – the Director of Music at St Martin-in-the-Fields. You are probably aware that St Martin-in-the-Fields is a hub for music of all kinds, and Andrew Earis is internationally respected as a choral director … More The Lord is my Light and my Salvation – Brad Nix

Whose church?

This month sees the coronation of King Charles III in Westminster Abbey by the Archbishop of Canterbury. King Charles will have the title “Defender of the Faith” and be the Supreme Governor of the Church of England (He’s not the head of the church – that’s Jesus!) … More Whose church?

Breaking out

Have you ever noticed a change in someone and wondered what had happened? The person who recently had been quiet and preoccupied suddenly seems much happier and without a care in the world. Perhaps they had been worried about a diagnosis and been given the all-clear or had passed the exam they were really worrying about, or had fallen in love. Once you found out the reason, it all made sense … More Breaking out

Abundant life

It is traditional in the sermon on the day of the APCM to talk about the life of the church over the last year. Quite honestly, I simply don’t want to do that. We have suffered from bereavements – our beloved Deborah, and others as well and we have had to contend with practical problems in the shape of electric wiring and boilers. So many people have contended with illness, accidents and family issues and yet have continued to contribute to the life of the church. And the backdrop has been a country in political turmoil, a cost-of-living crisis and wars in Ukraine and now Sudan. Enough said. We have survived. We have in many ways got back to normal after covid. We can congratulate ourselves that we have had the strength and courage to persevere. Just staying afloat has been an achievement … More Abundant life