All Are Welcome

One of the most thought-provoking statements about church I have come across is:
“The Church exists primarily for the sake of those who are still outside it.”

It was said by William Temple over 75 years ago and has been much quoted since. One might argue that he goes too far, that a church where the care of faithful members is not a priority has lost its way, but nevertheless we are challenged by it. The church is most definitely not a club for likeminded people. … More All Are Welcome

How are you?

I remember one of my first French lessons at school was on how to greet people. We were taught “How are you?” “Comment allez vous?”, and the reply “Tres bien. Et vous”. Annoying 11-year-old that I was, my hand went up. “What do I say if I’m not very well?”. The teacher replied, “You still say ‘Tres bien’”. It’s good manners … More How are you?

What is liturgy?

Liturgy is one of those words that is frequently used, but rarely explained. When people say that they don’t need to come to church to pray, they can pray at home, that is perfectly trues, but rather misses the point. Because in church we are not just praying and reading the Bible, but we are worshipping God together in a structured way. And that is what we mean by liturgy … More What is liturgy?

Power (still) corrupts

Taken as a story today’s gospel reading has everything. Royalty and power, sex, violence, narrative tension – it’s no wonder that it inspired the play Salome by Oscar Wilde, an opera by Richard Strauss and a film starring Rita Hayworth. But it’s an unusual story to find in the gospels– it hardly refers to Jesus at all … More Power (still) corrupts