The Woman at the Well

Imagine the scene, it’s high noon in the rocky desert region of Samaria. The arid landscape is practically shimmering beneath the burning sun. Jesus and his disciples, weary and thirsty from a day’s journeying, the disciples are sent into the city for food and Jesus waits for them in the withering heat, taking a seat near the town’s well – the one made famous by his ancestor Jacob … More The Woman at the Well

Shine a Light

I’m going to take us all back in time, not quite like Dr. Who and not as far back as Jesus’ time, but to the 70’s for those of us who remember those years.
So, let’s begin.  Who remembers the power cuts? no lights, no T.V.s, but torches and candles handy in nearly every room at night … More Shine a Light

Should we keep Sunday special?

When I was at school I had a friend, Isobel, who had a Scottish mother. I knew that the family went to church every Sunday. We talked about how we found Sundays. My parents viewed it as their day of rest and would sit and doze after lunch, and I would do my homework. Isobel said that she wasn’t allowed to do homework on a Sunday – or anything that constituted work. Nor did they watch television. The debate in their house was whether knitting was work … More Should we keep Sunday special?