Daemon Irrepit Callidus – Gyorgy Orban (b.1947)

It is possible to resist negative temptations by making opposing positive actions: instead of complaining or spreading negative gossip, praise others – and pray for them; instead of buying new clothes, donate some of what you already have – and choose to shop ‘pre-loved’; instead of eating the chocolate that you buy, donate it to Barnabus. Instead of depriving ourselves, we could modify what we do, or take on additional activities. For example … More Daemon Irrepit Callidus – Gyorgy Orban (b.1947)

The Sacraments

I recently read a headline in The Telegraph which read, “British families don’t eat together – and, if they do, it’s often in front of the TV.” The article went on to report that “More than one in five families only sit down to eat a meal together once or twice a week, according to a new survey. And 40 per cent of families only sit down together to have a meal three times a week.” It is widely noted that “we live in a ‘fast food’ society”. This encouraged me to reflect on the Sacrament of the Eucharist and the importance and place of this Sacrament in a modern ‘fast food’ society … More The Sacraments