I don’t know whether any of you have seen the film Pleasantville. It’s an American film from 1998 about a teenage boy, David, and his sister Jennifer. They are very different. Jennifer is a party girl – David is obsessed with a black and white 1950’s sitcom set in a Midwest town called Pleasantville. One evening, alone in the house they fight over the remote control and break it … More Pleasantville

Navidad Nuestra: El Nacimento Ariel Ramirez (1921-2010)

Around the world, the Christmas story has been adapted to fit the indigenous climate and culture: traditional Canadian carols tell of tribal leaders taking beaver pelts to the infant; in Argentina the kings take a white poncho made of the finest white alpaca wool; we sing of a Christmas set “in the bleak midwinter” in which “snow had fallen snow on snow”. It rarely snows in Bethlehem! … More Navidad Nuestra: El Nacimento Ariel Ramirez (1921-2010)

November’s letter from the Vicar

Dear friends,
This time in the church’s year is known as the ‘Kingdom Season.’ It includes  ‘All Saint’s Day,’ ‘All Soul’s Day’ and ‘Remembrance Sunday.’
On all Saints Day we remember and reflect on those who have gone before us in terms of our faith.
On All Soul’s Day we reflect on and remember our loved ones who are no longer with us but have supported and encouraged on our life journey … More November’s letter from the Vicar