A continuing history of St Margaret’s and St George’s churches

During the years following the 1st World War up to the 2nd World War started 1939, St. Margaret’s parish was flourishing and stable. All Sunday services were well attended, 180 plus each week and special services, including Easter, were particularly well attended. There were 294 parishioners attended on Easter Day 1938!! … More A continuing history of St Margaret’s and St George’s churches

Head Teacher’s letter from St Margaret’s School

School hopes all St Margaret’s parishioners are safe, well and flourishing in 2023. School’s PTA have been very busy, purchasing bike and scooter racks. Money raised from the very successful Christmas Fair, “Christmas Markets at St Margaret’s” helped pay for this and is part of the first phase of developing our outdoor area. This will certainly promote more of a healthy lifestyle for the children and in addition it will be helping the environment reducing the number of children who travel to school in cars … More Head Teacher’s letter from St Margaret’s School

Rev Sue’s March letter to the parish

I care deeply about St Margaret’s and St George’s and I shall continue to serve here, leading worship and providing pastoral support, but from a position of standing alongside the other volunteers, not leading, and I shall limit my hours to the half time that we agreed.
There is a real need for everyone to pull together in terms of time, effort and financial contributions and I do ask that you consider if there is anything you might do to help … More Rev Sue’s March letter to the parish

History of St Margaret’s #2

By the 1890’s St. Margaret’s Churchyard which was over 70 yards from the main Bury Road was bound East, West and South by fields and there was an uninterrupted view of the Church. In the year 1900 the South side was divided into building plots and a Street named Carver Avenue. The Avenue was made from Bury Old Road, running by the side of the Churchyard to the park wall. It was feared that more houses would be built on the land between the church and Bury Old Road and so block the view of the church from the main road … More History of St Margaret’s #2

The History of St Margaret’s

In the past few months, I have been asked about various aspects of St Margaret’s Church. St Margaret’s was built in the mid-1800s as an extra Church in Prestwich to help ease the rapid growth of the population in the east of Prestwich. The land was given by the Earl of Wilton, who lived in Heaton Hall, and he contributed £500 towards the cost of £2000 needed. The rest was given by the Church of England and many generous public donations … More The History of St Margaret’s

December letter from our Primary School

St Margaret’s CE update… School enjoyed a lovely Harvest Service held in school (originally planned to be in church but torrential rainfall stopped that occurring!) in October. School would like to say a huge thank you to Reverend Sue, who came and delivered a lovely service. Our school community were extremely generous with donations for the Porch Box charity, which the church is supporting this year … More December letter from our Primary School

Thank You Lord

One of my favourite songs in the Sunday School Repertoire is Thank you Lord, by Mark & Helen Johnson of Out of the Ark Music. I tend to drop it into our weekly singing practices whenever I feel there is something to be grateful for – the sunshine, the rain, plentiful hot clean running water, my family, my friends, the food in the cupboards, for waking up reasonably healthy, for being born into a first-world country … More Thank You Lord

Animal Sunday

Good morning and welcome to our service of Holy Communion for Sunday 18 September 2022: Animal Sunday. Rev Sue will preside and Reader Christine will preach. We begin with the hymn “O worship the King all glorious above” … More Animal Sunday