Matt says “Hello”

Dear All,

At the time of writing, we have begun to see changes in the weather. It has already started to get colder, and winter is soon upon us. Whilst walking, I have begun to find respect and beauty for this time of year as the leaves fall off the trees, creating various colours. On a good day, you can see the sun come through the trees, and I begin to see why this is some people’s favourite time of the year. This diversity in nature reminds me of a beautiful quote from Therese of Lisieux:

Picture1She expresses how we should celebrate the change in not just the beauty of the natural world but in ourselves. However, this diversity also brings challenges to our Lord’s living garden. The country and our churches have been through so much this last year, but we must trust the one constant, which is Christ. Especially at this year’s Christmas, as we begin to focus on Christ’s birth, we acknowledge these difficulties in the world of souls. It is going to be a tough Christmas for many as we remember fondly those we have lost and for some financial challenges as well. Sometimes we cannot change these foreseen difficulties, but it could help to look at nature and the world with the eyes of Therese of Lisieux.

There have been some changes in my life as I have moved from my church in Westhoughton to here at St Margaret’s and St Georges. Having spent most of my life at St James, Westhoughton, I was naturally a little apprehensive. This apprehension has been proved wrong, as I am thankful for the warm welcome you have shown me over the last weeks. It has been a great joy to worship in both churches and begin to get to know you all.

I am here on placement, hopefully, until next September, and I look forward to our shared time together.

God Bless,

Matt Dunne

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