Mr Longworth says “Hello”

Many of St Margaret’s parishioners’ will have been used to reading Mrs Perry’s updates of what has been happening at St Margaret’s CE Primary School. In July 2022, after 18 marvellous, dedicated years of service Mrs Perry has retired. I know as the new Headteacher, I have large shoes to fill and follow such an influential, passionate and caring leader for our school and our community … More Mr Longworth says “Hello”

Remembrance Sunday Sermon

The Act of Remembrance I’m sure many of us know was actually begun in 1919 by King George V to recall the end of the first World War hostilities, which formally ended at the 11th hour, on the 11th day of the 11th Month in 1918, when the Peace Treaty was signed, although the war officially ended with the Treaty of Versailles on 28TH June, 1919 … More Remembrance Sunday Sermon

Why Sing?

I write this the day after returning home from a 9-day singing and conducting summer school with Sing for Pleasure. Based at Jesus College, Cambridge, it was utterly exhausting yet completely exhilarating. Work began at 8.45am last Sunday morning as we started learning Sarah Quartel’s “A Winter Day”, led by the SfP tutors. Sublime … More Why Sing?

Elizabeth Fry

As Anglicans we don’t have any mechanism to declare people saints, so we remember a mixture of Roman Catholic saints from before the reformation alongside those from the last 500 years that have been judged worthy of appearing in the church calendar. Today is the day we remember Elizabeth Fry … More Elizabeth Fry


Faith, how would you describe the word faith if someone asked you ‘out of the blue’?
Is it something inherited, taught to us by our parents?
Is it a feeling that can’t be described or something different?
In the dictionary it’s described as … More Faith