Remembrance Sunday 2022

Good morning and welcome to our service of Holy Communion for Remembrance Sunday 2022. Rev Sue will preside, Reader Christine will preach, and the act of remembrance will be at the end, near to 11:00am.

There were some issues with connectivity during the first 10 minutes of the livestream, but we swapped phones (we still rely on smartphones for livestreaming!), downloaded the videos, and stitched them together for you here:

The readings were:

The sermon is available for you here.

The anthem was “I Believe” (Overington). The lyricist is unknown, but the words were found scratched into the walls of an accommodation block in a concentration camp in Cologne. They are:

I believe in the sun even when it’s not shining
I believe in love when there’s no one there
I believe in God even when he is silent
I believe

May there some day be sunshine
May there some day be love
May there some day be happiness
I believe

St Margaret’s Church Prestwich holds CCLI licences CCL 79250, MRL 775231 and 466111 for music streaming and One Licence M-40120 for music streaming.

  • I Believe (Overington) © 2019 Sing for Pleasure

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