Your Kingdom Come (P James & H Jessop)

This article was written for the May 2019 issue of our parish magazine. Here it is for you again:

Running a music group of any kind requires a lot of planning, organization, and inspiration. I constantly have an ear out for music that would suite our Sunday School Singers and Maggies Music Makers. Preparation, learning and rehearsing can take months – and that is why musicians tend to live their lives at least one season ahead of everyone else.

Imagine how wonderful it was when a member of Maggies not only suggested a song for Pentecost, but also directed me to the website where the full score is available as a free download! The website is of course and the text of “Your Kingdom Come”, based on The Lord’s Prayer, is here:

    • v1 Made in perfect love
    • Innocent we walked as friends of God
    • Still we turned away
    • Traded freedom for a life enslaved
    • v2 Helpless we were lost
    • Heaven sent the rescue plan of God
    • Through the love of Christ
    • We are found and born into new life
    • Chorus
    • We are watching, we are waiting
    • We are hoping, we are praying
    • We’re believing, let your kingdom come
    • Father in heaven, your name is holy
    • Yours is the kingdom, the pow’r and the glory
    • God of salvation, unfold your story
    • Yours is the kingdom, the pow’r and the glory
    • Amen
    • v3 King of endless love
    • Here on earth just as in heaven above
    • Let your will be done
    • Wake our hearts and let your kingdom come

Musically, the song has been written with versatility I mind. It can be sung in unison or in two-part harmony, and accompanied by piano or guitar, with optional counter melodies for violin and cello. Of course, my plan at first was for Tom and I to accompany the ladies of Maggies on piano and violin. Under the current circumstances, I think we’ll settle for piano only!

Liturgically, this suits the time between Ascension and Pentecost perfectly. I invite you to read the song lyrics slowly and prayerfully, letting the words seep into your soul.

Hopefully you will hear this sung in our churches later this month!

Carol P

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