Why Sing?

I write this the day after returning home from a 9-day singing and conducting summer school with Sing for Pleasure. Based at Jesus College, Cambridge, it was utterly exhausting yet completely exhilarating. Work began at 8.45am last Sunday morning as we started learning Sarah Quartel’s “A Winter Day”, led by the SfP tutors. Sublime … More Why Sing?

Thank You Lord

One of my favourite songs in the Sunday School Repertoire is Thank you Lord, by Mark & Helen Johnson of Out of the Ark Music. I tend to drop it into our weekly singing practices whenever I feel there is something to be grateful for – the sunshine, the rain, plentiful hot clean running water, my family, my friends, the food in the cupboards, for waking up reasonably healthy, for being born into a first-world country … More Thank You Lord

Lord of all Hopefulness

The parishes of St Margaret’s Prestwich and St George’s Simister are blessed. We have been selected to host an hour of Great Sacred Music at 1.00pm on Saturday 22 October 2022. More than a concert, but not quite a service, this will be an hour of exquisite music performed by HeartEdge – an ensemble of talented choral scholars drawn from across the diocese, many of them being current students at the Royal Northern College of Music … More Lord of all Hopefulness

I Will Come to You – M Fairbairn (b. 1986)

Like many of the pieces I write about in this blog, I was introduced to this song at a rehearsal of the Manchester Chorale. We were learning it for our summer concert programme in 2018. Imagine our pleasure when one of the Chorale members chose it as the bridal entry music for her wedding, and asked us to sing it for her … More I Will Come to You – M Fairbairn (b. 1986)

King Jesus Hath a Garden – Trad., tr. Woodward (1848-1934)

Once more I am dipping into the chorister’s staple, “100 Hundred Carols for Choirs”, usually given out at rehearsals some time in late October, and collected in for storage in early January. As I have mentioned previously though, not all carols are for Christmas, and this is another. The original “Heer Jezus heeft een hofken” is set to a traditional Dutch melody. It was later translated by Rev George Woodward (1848-1934) and harmonised by Charles Wood (1866-1926) … More King Jesus Hath a Garden – Trad., tr. Woodward (1848-1934)