You are not alone

The Quiet Day for Staycation 2020 was on Tuesday 4 August, but in true monastic tradition began with Compline on the evening of Monday 3 August. The theme for the day was “You are not alone”. You can review the day – or indeed repeat it – whenever you wish, here:

Compline was led by Rev Deborah


Morning Prayer was led by Rev Sue


You are not alone – God is with us

This session was led by Rev Deborah, and began with “The Lord’s my Shepherd” by Stuart Townend

Afterwards, Rev Sue suggested these points for reflection:

  • Where are you on your journey of learning to trust in God?
    What are your circumstances and difficulties?
  • Are you by the edge of the water, paddling, up to your knees, swimming or drowning?
  • What are your waymarkers? Deborah’s were the candle, the body butter and Steph.
  • What are the incidents when you have been aware of God being with you? Or was there a time when you felt let down by God?


You are not alone – Families and Communities

The session was led by our Reader Christine

Rev Deborah said:

Thank you Christine, a good opportunity to reflect on our family, friends, church family and local community and how important they are. We are all interconnected and not alone because we have each other.


You are not alone – Nature, Neighbours and Saints

This session was led by Rev Sue

In her talk, Rev Sue invited us to listen to these hymns:

There was also a missing paragraph! It should go after the Tear Fund prayers, and before +David reading the story:

Lastly, let’s remember that as well as the natural world, and the people we are aware of but cannot see, we are surrounded by an invisible cloud of witnesses. As well the saints throughout the ages we have those we knew and loved who have gone before to be our companions on the way, as. Our memories of them keep them alive within us, to strengthen us. Perhaps we find ourselves chatting with them in our minds, asking them for advice.
The saints and angels we acknowledge in our communion service. This is one man’s story of his confirmation class at school during the war, which he still remembered years later.

For further reflection, Rev Sue made these suggestions:

  • Sit in silence for 2 minutes. What can you hear? A dog barking? Birds singing? People? Your house creaking? Can those things draw you closer to God? How about if you look out of the window?
  • Which aspects of the world particularly move you to compassion? Lift them to God in prayer. Can you make a commitment to pray for those people or situations regularly? Who has been an influence in your life, but is no longer with us? Do your sense their support still?
  • Who is your favourite saint? Why? How do they inspire you? How do you picture the company of heaven?

The day was rounded off with a service of Wholeness and Well-being, led by our ALM Carol. Just click on the link – there are three videos for you to watch.




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