Creative Prayer for Lent #2 – Art

This week’s Lent session on Creative Prayer was led by Rev Janet Butterworth, and focused on Art as a medium for creative prayer.

The scene was set by talking about butterflies, how some members of the Christian faith liken the butterfly life-cycle to the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, and how many cultures and traditions interpret butterflies as souls: Butterfly Souls. Participants were then given a butterfly template and asked to decorate it. The task was to be done with a quiet, listening mind. The only “rule” was to leave no white space: Painting as Prayer.

If you were unable to attend this session but wish to take part, there are blank templates available in church. Alternatively, you can download this template Butterflyfor decoration at home. Remember to do the task peacefully.

Please take your finished butterflies to either of our churches on Easter Sunday.

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