The Desert

This sermon was given by Rev Sue. You can read it again here: It had been quite day. Jesus had been preaching at the morning worship at the synagogue, where he had healed a man, who was probably in today’s terms psychotic. From there he had gone back to Simon’s house for lunch, found his … More The Desert

Creative Prayer for Lent #1 – Poetry

On the afternoon of Sunday 5 March a group of St Margaret and St George’s parishioners gathered at the vicarage for the first of our Lent sessions about Creative Prayer, beginning with poetry. This session was led by Rev Deborah. She set the context for praying by reading poetry, praying by listening to poetry, and praying through writing poetry … More Creative Prayer for Lent #1 – Poetry

Mary’s “Yes!”

Advent with Mary 2016 – this quiet afternoon of prayer, reflection and music was prepared and offered by our Reader, Carol O, on Advent Sunday 2016.
Mary’s story lays before us just how costly saying “Yes!” to God can be. We are invited in the silences to place our own story alongside hers and see what we can learn about the effects of an intervening God let loose in our lives … More Mary’s “Yes!”

Remembrance Sunday 2016

This sermon was preached by Rev Deborah on Remembrance Sunday 2016.
All of us are aware of what silence is and yet there are many types of silence. There is the silence of glorying in a dawn of a new day.There is the companionable silence of two people being together and not having to say anything to each other. There is the silence and stillness of our souls that comes from being in the presence of God – whether that is through prayer, reflection, meditation or simply being … More Remembrance Sunday 2016