Creative Prayer for Lent #1 – Poetry

On the afternoon of Sunday 5 March a group of St Margaret and St George’s parishioners gathered at the vicarage for the first of our Lent sessions about Creative Prayer, beginning with poetry. This session was led by Rev Deborah. She set the context for praying by reading poetry, praying by listening to poetry, and praying through writing poetry.

There were three activity stations: a darkened room in which poems in the form of Taize chants could be listened to for as long as we wished; a room full of poetry books, hymn books and of course the psalms section of the bible; and a room in which poetry could be written.

Here are some of the poems that were written:

Lent (Aiden)

This is the season for lament.

So I will lament, Lord, first of all, my manifold sins,

which drove you out into the desert –

and on ..  and on .. towards your Calvary cross.


It seems no loss which I must suffer

can compare with all the pain that held you there.

And yet I pass this way again, once more –

the way that you have trod before –

and dare, somehow, to try to sense and feel, in part, at least,

Your real suffering there.


Was it for our sake, or yours, that you fasted forty days and nights?

How can I comprehend such fortitude, such strength of will?

 To compare my feeble actions, Lord, to yours,

Or to aspire to your greatness, is truly absurd!

I cannot know how much it cost,

That double suffering.

To fast so long. To hang & die upon a cross;

And yet, to suffer more, still more!

 The loss of hope, of life, of human love so deep.

You stretched across the vale of death and grief.

Enfold me Lord with your strong Spirit still,

that I may walk your way, and know your will.


Lent 1 –Prayer & Poetry (Carol O)

If I could walk a step a day

Beside my Lord, I’d say

Thank you for all the good and gracious gifts

He has given to me.

If I could walk with You.


If I could walk beside my Lord,

What conversations we would have.

I never once would say I’m bored

If I could walk with You.


A step a day by my Lord’s side

Is all I need and long for.

We’d chat like old friends as we walk

Along life’s path and hedgerow.

If I could walk with You


If ONLY I could walk a step a day

With my Lord by my side.


Lent Poetry (Judith H)

The palest of golden flames flickering

giving warmth. A glow,

within the darkness


Poetry sung rhythmically

within glorious music.


Beautiful prayer emerging inwardly

silent, soothing, still, sublime


God known

Nourishing the soul

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