A continuing history of St Margaret’s and St George’s churches

During the years following the 1st World War up to the 2nd World War started 1939, St. Margaret’s parish was flourishing and stable. All Sunday services were well attended, 180 plus each week and special services, including Easter, were particularly well attended. There were 294 parishioners attended on Easter Day 1938!!

The church was also the centre for children, over 100 were enrolled in the Sunday School with three separate sections: Infants 3-6 years, Juniors 7-12 years and Seniors 12-16+ years. There was also a Youth Club which met at 2.45pm originally but this was changed to after Evensong on Sunday. All youth club members must attend the 7.45pm Evensong Service before going to the Youth Club. This was compulsory for Youth Club Membership.

Social life of the Church

The Church was also the centre for Parish Social life and had a great number of clubs and activities for all age groups.

The weekly calendar, in the late thirties, showed a good picture of Parish Life.

MONDAY      6.30pm         USPG Junior

7.30pm         USPG Seniors

8.00pm         Drama Group

TUESDAY      7.45pm         Youth Table Tennis

WEDNESDAY           7.30pm         Girls Friendly Society and Townsend Fellowship

8.00pm         Singing Group

THURSDAY   2.00pm         Mothers Union

8.00pm         Drama Group

FRIDAY          7.30pm         Men’s Group

8.00pm         Youth Club

There were also weekly Whist Drives, monthly Dances, Sales of work and Jumble sales on Saturday. All activities were well supported.

Other clubs included a Tennis Club next to the new graveyard, on occasions outings to the seaside and meals, including breakfast, made by the Men’s Group for the ladies before the service. The latter only occurred 3 times/year!!!

There was a large group of sidemen who assisted the church Wardens and this group used to meet socially. There were many fundraising events including Garden Parties and a Christmas Fayre, this was all part of church life.

Children were well catered for with Sunday School and Uniformed groups. Mondays was Scouts, Tuesday and Friday Brownies and Guides, Wednesday and Thursday Cubs and Friday Senior Scouts, Rovers and Rangers separately of course! Sunday was the meeting for youth club, to gain membership Evensong had to be attended this was compulsory.

St George’s was also very well attended and had a thriving social calendar. Activities included were Sunday School, Youth Club and Brownies, also there was an active Ladies Social Circle who organised Whist Drives and various sales of work etc. Fund raising even then.

Most of the Parishioner’s whole life revolved around the church, many went to church at least twice on a Sunday and this was also their social circle, with the church at the centre.


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