Mr Longworth says “Hello”

Many of St Margaret’s parishioners’ will have been used to reading Mrs Perry’s updates of what has been happening at St Margaret’s CE Primary School. In July 2022, after 18 marvellous, dedicated years of service Mrs Perry has retired. I know as the new Headteacher, I have large shoes to fill and follow such an influential, passionate and caring leader for our school and our community.

I have continued to ensure the school is a place where we truly help each other to learn, grow and love through our Christian values of Respect, Friendship, Happiness, Resilience, Forgiveness and Trust, which are central to all aspects of our school life. Our caring Christian ethos is inclusive for all.

Providing articles such as this will strengthen links between school and the church and community that we are so proud to serve. All staff are fully committed to giving our children an excellent education with a rich and inspiring curriculum, at the same time providing nurture and care for their spiritual, emotional, moral, social and cultural wellbeing. We aim for every child to be excited about coming to school each day and to leave having flourished and been challenged to acquire new skills. We want all our children when they leave St Margaret’s to be prepared for life, with resilience, compassion and having developed courageous advocacy.

I would like to share with you all our new school prayer, which was written this September. It includes all our values and underpinned by our core value of love:

Dear Lord,

Help me to be a good friend to others.

Help me to trust and respect the people around me.

Help me to be forgiving when something goes wrong.

Help me to try when I find things difficult.

Help me to be happy and ensure others around me are too.

Thank you Lord for loving us and teaching us to love one another.


This term has also seen the introduction of certificates for ‘Value Ambassadors.’ Each week myself and my Deputy Headteacher choose one child each, who has demonstrated and followed our school values all week, being wonderful role models for all children in our school.

I would like to leave you all with the words from 1 Peter 4:8 ‘Above all love each other deeply’, which we communicate to all our parents via our newsletters and showcases our main value of love.

Mr Longworth


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