Welcome, Rev Caroline

On Sunday morning we had our welcome service for our new curate, Rev Caroline Greenwood. At the end, she was presented with an empty pink box, which members of the congregation then filled for her:

Our welcome parcel is designed to help you through your curacy.

  • At the centre of all that you do is Christ. For this reason we have a ‘cross in your pocket’ made by Sheila.
  • The word of God to direct you in all that you do. We have the gospel of Mark for you.
  • Prayer is also important and for this reason we have a holding cross.
  • We would like to welcome you to our parish and so we have this welcome candle for you.
  • Without these you will not be able to do much in church – so please accept these keys.
  • You will need this to help you with your preaching – a lectionary.
  • To help you to get to know us – our church magazine
  • Part of your ministry will include caring for people – both physically, emotionally and spiritually – please accept this first aid kit.
  • There will be times when you will need these for others but also there will be times when you may need them for yourself. This box of tissues may come in handy.
  • This bookmark is for when you move into your new home. It has words of encouragement and hope on it.
  • You will also need time for R+R – this bottle of wine should help
  • As should this box of chocolates!

Welcome to our parish Caroline.


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