Teach us to pray

I don’t know whether you remember the children’s story “Five Children and It”. The “it” refers to the Psammead, a sand fairy, encountered by four children and their baby brother when they are playing in a gravel pit. The Psammead promises them a wish between them every day, the effects of which will disappear at sunset. Of course, it all goes wrong … More Teach us to pray

The rich young man who needs only one more thing

I am an inveterate asker of questions. One thing I’ve learnt over the years is that it is a good idea to have some idea what the answer would be before you ask something. The classic wrong question is to ask “When‘s it due?” unless you are absolutely sure that the woman you are talking to is, in fact, expecting … More The rich young man who needs only one more thing


On Sunday 10 March 2019 we launched our Year of Creation under the hashtag EcoChurch. It was a joyous service, featuring songs and poetry by our children and young people, a sermon by Rev Sue, and the presentation of our Bronze EcoChurch Award by Bishop David … More #EcoChurch


Today we are thinking about choices. I have three boxes. In each box there is something – it may be something good or something not so good. I am going to ask someone to choose a box and I am going to offer some choices. You have to decide what to do … More Temptation