Rev Sue’s March letter to the parish

I expect by now most of you will have heard that it has been decided by the parish and the diocese that I will not be the next vicar of St Margaret’s. I don’t know what the plan is for the future of St Margaret’s, but in the meantime I do not feel able to continue acting in the role of leading the parish. We have had a run of very bad luck and I am relieved that I need not carry the burden of responsibility of leading the parish any longer, as I have become very tired and stressed, and have been working longer hours than the 3 days a week agreed.

I care deeply about St Margaret’s and St George’s and I shall continue to serve here, leading worship and providing pastoral support, but from a position of standing alongside the other volunteers, not leading, and I shall limit my hours to the half time that we agreed.

There is a real need for everyone to pull together in terms of time, effort and financial contributions and I do ask that you consider if there is anything you might do to help.

I shall continue to send out the magazines, but I won’t be filling this slot in the magazine every month.

On a happier note, Rev Rachel Mann, our Area Dean is leading Holy Week and Easter for us. Rachel is not only an experienced parish priest, she is also a writer of books (fiction and non-fiction) and, as well as writing, producing and performing in her own plays. I am very much looking forward to joining her on the journey through calvary to Easter, and I strongly recommend joining us, online if you can’t be with us in person.

God’s blessing on you all

Rev Sue

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