Live-Streaming: How it’s done

Sooner or later, directors of all the best Hollywood blockbusters release a “Making of…” movie. Viewers, we are pleased to bring to you … “the Making of our Live-Streamed Services”. You’re very welcome.

Believe it or not, we do what we do armed only with a smartphone and a monthly allowance of 4G data. Using this, we broadcast directly to our Facebook page. This is how we do it:


  • If you’re struggling with audio at home, please ensure you have un-muted the clip, and turned up your speakers!
  • Please be aware that the human ear filters many out background noises, whereas microphones pick them all up – rain on the roof, cars driving by, rustling papers etc.
  • Also, broadcasting via the internet is weather dependent, and is significantly worse in poor weather.

Thank you for your understanding. We really are doing our very best for you, with access to very basic technology.

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