Keeping your mind healthy as well as your body

This article was submitted by Rev Sue to the April edition of the parish magazine. You can read it again here:

The advice we have been given that involves a lot of people self-isolating is necessary to enable the NHS to cope during the pandemic, but staying inside, away from family or friends can lower our spirits or make us a prey to anxiety. I’m relaying some advice here for encouraging a healthy frame of mind.

Connect with people

If you are missing seeing friends or family, put pictures on the wall.

Ring someone. If you feel that you might run out of conversation, why not agree with a friend to read a particular book, or watch a programme on TV, so that you can discuss it later.

Write letters to friends and family.

Put the radio on, especially a chatty station.

Keep to a routine

Try to get up and go to bed at regular times, and eat regular meals.

Get dressed even if you don’t expect to see anyone.

If you live, or are staying, with someone else, talk through how to develop a household routine so that you don’t get on each other’s nerves.

Keep Active

Exercise is good for your body as well as your mind. Do some indoor exercises.

Spend time looking out of the window. Grow some plants or flowers on the window sill.

Put some pictures of places you love on your wall.

Occupy your time

Clear out those cupboards you never quite get round to sorting out.

Take up a new hobby, or go back to an old one. Try music, writing, drawing or colouring.

Do puzzles or read books and magazines. Do a jigsaw.

Don’t listen to too much news

Stay informed, but don’t tune in several times a day.

Make more use of your internet.

I’ve left this one until last, because if you already use Facebook or websites you will find lots of good advice there. But this might be the moment to join Facebook, learn about eBooks or audio books, iPlayer or podcasts. It’s easier than you think.

Don’t be afraid to ask

You need more than just food! If you need books or magazines, or help with any of the above ask someone. Many of us have plenty of time at the moment, and would love to help.

Rev Sue

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