Confronting the demons

My father was born in 1902 and lived until he was 82. In his later years he had a colour television and a telephone, and a transistor radio that did not need to be plugged in. That was the grand total of the electronic equipment in the house. He probably had a vague idea what a computer was but had never seen one. The internet hadn’t been invented … More Confronting the demons

There is no Pecking Order in the Kingdom of God

I wonder if anyone played the game of careers as a child? It was a board game, a bit like monopoly, although instead of buying property, as you moved around the board you followed different occupations, which would bring you happiness, money or fame. You set your own goals at the beginning, and won by being the first to achieve them. It gave a very simple message – life is a competition, success is what matters … More There is no Pecking Order in the Kingdom of God