Doing buses differently

One day I was walking along Bury New Rd from Strangeways to wards Prestwich. On the other side of the road a man was complaining that none of the buses were stopping for him. I stopped to listen, and realised that he was blind and was standing at a stop where only the 96 stopped. He would have to wait about 45 minutes for the next bus, unless he walked to the next stop and caught an express bus. I called across the busy road and tried to explain. He was not happy.

I was walking because to get close to my home I have to change buses. It can cost nearly £5.00 for a 2 mile journey. At least I had a choice at that time. If I’m coming back from Simister after 6.30 my only option is to walk.

It’s no wonder that less and less people are using the buses. If this trend continues, services will decline even further, and the more inconvenient it becomes the less people will use the service.

But what if the operators all worked together to integrate the buses with each other and the trams, with a simple ticketing system where you can tap on at the beginning and off at the end and be charged a reasonable fare? After all, if it works in a city the size of London, why can’t it work in Manchester?

Greater Manchester is currently proposing a franchise system to give us a joined up public transport service. They want to know what we think. A good bus service is important to all of us. Even if you don’t use buses at the moment

  • One day you might need them. Even a minor injury might stop you driving temporarily
  • More passengers on buses means less cars. Less energy will be used.
  • Fewer cars means less pollution and cleaner air, and less congested roads
  • The poorer people in our society have no option but to use buses.

We are all invited to give our opinions.

Go to for more information and to fill in a questionnaire. Or simply write to Freepost GM BUS CONSULTATION and tell them what you think. You have until January 8th 2020.

Rev Sue

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