Think outside the sink!

Water is a precious commodity; life would not be possible without it. Looking out of the window in November you would be forgiven for thinking that we have plenty of water in the UK, but in fact Manchester gets less rain than Milan or Sydney. In spite of the heavy rain of recent times, the water supply in England remains under long-term threat.

Tips to save water

There are simple ways to cut consumption:

  • Do you have a water meter? This helps us stay aware of how much we are using, and rewards us for using less by cutting water bills;
  • Check for leaks on pipes and taps. If you do have a water meter, turn off all the taps and the main stop valve, where the water enters the building. Take two readings a couple of minutes apart. If there is any change in the reading you may have a leak;
  • Fix leaking taps and make sure they are fully turned off.
  • Lag your pipes. This saves on your heating bills, and prevents burst pipes in winter. But don’t insulate a loft floor underneath your water tank – it may freeze;
  • Save both water and electricity by only boiling as much water as you need, whilst making sure the electric heating element is fully covered;
  • Make sure sinks have plugs and use a bowl to wash up;
  • When replacing your washing machine or dishwasher, choose the most efficient type. Run them full but not over-full;
  • Collecting rainwater in a water butt, and use it for the garden.

If we don’t learn to conserve, we’ll all be fish out of the water, and You Know the Result!!

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