Porch Boxes – An overview by Laurel A

Porch Boxes is a registered charity (1089998) based in Bury, Greater
Manchester, providing crisis packs of food and toiletries for local people
in urgent need.

Last year (2016) porch boxes provided an average of 450 boxes a month
were given to people in need. The charity also delivered 253 Easter eggs,
600 special Christmas hampers with presents for 200 children.

Porch Boxes is run entirely by volunteers who drive to collect goods,
make up packs and deliver the made-up packs to the agencies who have
requested them. Porch Boxes relies on donations of toiletries and nonperishable
foods, and a number of groups, churches and primary schools
support the work with donations throughout the year. The donated
goods are date-checked and sorted by our volunteers “crisis packs” are
made up in either boxes or large carrier bags. These are intended to give
short term help to individuals or families in urgent need.

At the moment, we also shop for certain items most weeks. To allow us
to do this, we seek out funding and grants enabling us to buy items in
short supply. When people kindly donate food, we use less of the
funding ensuring we can survive as an organisation for longer.

Through our partner agencies we support lone parents, children, families
with children, young people and others who are homeless, people with
illnesses, addictions and disabilities, those sleeping rough and prisoners’

Staff from local agencies (e.g. Social Services, health centres, Children’s
Centres, etc.) contact Porch Boxes if they come across a person or family
in need and someone from the project delivers a parcel to the agency
who then pass it on to the person. Referrals also come from other
charities, schools or people supporting people in crisis.

We do not give out packs directly to individuals, but work through many
agencies working in the Bury area. They order packs and we deliver to the

You can give us any toiletries or non-perishable food items which are well
within the best before date. Smaller tins and packets are better.

Porch Boxes List

We are very grateful to the churches, schools, groups and individuals who
support us in our quest to help local people.

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