St Michael’s Well

St Michael’s Well, Dun Geagan, nestles in its own enclosure, protected by dry stone walls at the top of the cliffs of Ballinskelligs Bay. This is on the south coast of the Iveragh Peninsula, Co Kerry, Ireland. It is the destination of one of my favourite evening walks, over the back wall and across a field from where we stay when visiting Ireland. It comprises a natural spring, or St Michael’s Well, a prayer circle, a small stone altar and a beehive cairn, used as dwellings by early Christian monks in the area centuries ago.

The prayer circle has seven stations.

  1. Knees

SMW01I once heard Jeremy describe knees as “one of God’s Friday afternoon ideas”! Intended as a straight forward hinge, this joint is also prone to twisting, and I have experienced the agony of ruptured ligaments. Healthy knees are essential for kneeling. If you have healthy knees, get down on them and give thanks.

  1. 2. Hips

SMW02This ball and socket joint joins the upper and lower halves of our body together. Usually very strong, pray for those stricken with arthritis and awaiting the new lease of life that comes with a hip replacement.

  1. Fertility

SMW03Yes, there is the obvious procreational fertility! Think more widely: what about the fertility of an open mind? Of scientific, artistic and engineering creativity and innovation? A fertile and creative mind is a wonderful thing.

  1. 4. Liver

SMW04This organ cleanses the body and is the only organ that can regenerate itself. I am always reminded of the Lenten anthem “Wash Me Throughly”. Spiritual and physical cleanliness.

  1. Heart

SMW05The organ of love! O, to love as God loves, as children and puppies love. Unconditionally and without expectation.

  1. 6. Neck

SMW06Where the vocal apparatus gives life to our thoughts and feelings, in speech and song. Words are powerful, and once uttered cannot be taken back. Use them wisely.

  1. Head

SMW7We take in information from our surroundings through our eyes, ears, nose and mouth. All is processed in our brain, and choices are made. Make them good choices.

Carol P

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