Follow that Star

What is this Banner for?

This banner was made to represent the 4 churches in the Prestwich Mission Partnership – St. Gabriel, St. George, St. Margaret & St. Mary.

Why Stars?

starWhen our Prestwich Mission Partnership was formed at Epiphany in 2010, our theme was ‘Follow that Star’, and our symbol was a walking star depicted on lapel badges given to all members of the congregation.

For our 4th Anniversary we created the Star Banner, following our theme. Behind each star are the names of people who have inspired members of all 4 churches. These were written on the reverse of the stars and then sewn into place. Their names will remain in place for all eternity.

The making of this banner cemented the friendship and fellowship shared between all the members of the Prestwich Mission Partnership and the banner is displayed in each Church for 3 months at a time.

I hope it inspires and reminds people of the close links between our churches and to be proud, as I am of the people behind the stars as well as those who made it, and those who now look at with many happy memories.

Carol Olive

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