The Woman at the Well

Imagine the scene, it’s high noon in the rocky desert region of Samaria. The arid landscape is practically shimmering beneath the burning sun. Jesus and his disciples, weary and thirsty from a day’s journeying, the disciples are sent into the city for food and Jesus waits for them in the withering heat, taking a seat near the town’s well – the one made famous by his ancestor Jacob … More The Woman at the Well

Our deepest longing

The woman had heard that Jesus was coming to town. From somewhere she dredged up her last little bit of hope. For 12 years she had been trying every remedy under the sun. It wasn’t just a question of being drained and anaemic from the continual loss of blood. It was also the shame of being unclean … More Our deepest longing


Today’s beautiful encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well is the second of four personal encounters with Jesus during Lent from John’s gospel – each showing a particular gift that he brings to us and written so that we, too, can engage in that personal encounter with Jesus that will reveal that gift to us in the way that God seeks to uniquely touch our own lives … More THE WOMAN AT THE WELL