Celebrating Ordinary Saints

A trivia question. Pippa Matthews, Jamie Murray, Alfie Allen. What do they have in common? They are all fairly well-known but have more famous siblings. Pippa’s sister is the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine, Jamie and Andy Murray are both tennis players and Alfie Allen, who played Theon Greyjoy in Game of Thrones is brother to the singer Lily. I wonder how they feel about it. Does jealousy eat them up, or can they be happy for their brother or sister’s success? Or a mixture of both? … More Celebrating Ordinary Saints

Elizabeth Fry

As Anglicans we don’t have any mechanism to declare people saints, so we remember a mixture of Roman Catholic saints from before the reformation alongside those from the last 500 years that have been judged worthy of appearing in the church calendar. Today is the day we remember Elizabeth Fry … More Elizabeth Fry

St Margaret of Antioch

Like St George and many other saints, it is a little bit doubtful whether Margaret of Antioch, our patron saint, actually lived, and the stories about her definitely have a mythical feel to them, especially the famous one where she was swallowed by Satan in the form of a dragon but escaped alive when the cross she was carrying hurt the dragon’s insides so he let her out unharmed … More St Margaret of Antioch