A Flower Remembered (Rutter – words and music, 1945-present)

As it happened, the first anniversary of the Manchester Arena bombing fell on a Tuesday, the day on which the Chorale meets to rehearse each week. May of us would like to have been in St Anne’s Square that evening taking part in the commemorations, but we were committed to our rehearsals. Instead we began with this song, then held a minute silence … More A Flower Remembered (Rutter – words and music, 1945-present)

Walking with Jesus

Last month Rev Deborah and I chose the theme of walking with Jesus for Messy Church.
We began with an activity about his birth and then focussed on a couple of parables and miracles. Trying to imagine ourselves walking with Jesus as the disciples had, watching and learning from him … More Walking with Jesus

What is liturgy?

Liturgy is one of those words that is frequently used, but rarely explained. When people say that they don’t need to come to church to pray, they can pray at home, that is perfectly trues, but rather misses the point. Because in church we are not just praying and reading the Bible, but we are worshipping God together in a structured way. And that is what we mean by liturgy … More What is liturgy?

Our deepest longing

The woman had heard that Jesus was coming to town. From somewhere she dredged up her last little bit of hope. For 12 years she had been trying every remedy under the sun. It wasn’t just a question of being drained and anaemic from the continual loss of blood. It was also the shame of being unclean … More Our deepest longing