I have recently renewed my passport. I some ways, it’s one of the most important things I own. Without it, I can’t travel abroad, or, much worse, if I am abroad, come home. If it is stolen, then what we call identity theft might occur … More Citizenship

Trinity 7

During the last few weeks, others and myself have found ourselves listening to and reading about how people have answered God’s call on their lives to serve him and his people, which has not always been easy
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When I was a teenager (and before I had come to a personal faith), I recognised that there was something different in the faces of those that I knew that believed. Before I understood that it was the Holy Spirit shining out of them, I used to describe this phenomenon as them having “ITV” faces which drew its analogy from the sparkly radiance that make up and lights achieved in a TV studio … More Transfiguration

Rev Deborah gave this sermon on “Love” on Wednesday 20 September 2017. Have a listen here … More


On Wednesday morning we woke up to yet another tragedy. This time there was no deliberate act of violence. A London tower block 24 stories high housing over 400 people had been engulfed by fire … More Suffering

Faithful Changes

I am sure there are quite a few of us that have relatives living abroad who have decided to start a new life in lands unknown and I know how difficult that first parting can be.
I can still remember the day my brother told us, as a family, that he was leaving the UK to live in … More Faithful Changes