Refugees and Asylum Seekers Friendship Group

The Refugees and Asylum Seekers friendship Group meets in St Margaret’s Youth and Community Centre every Wednesday 12.00-2.00pm

Come along for a light lunch, conversational English lessons and friendship. All FREE, and children also welcome.

Déjeuner, amitié et ESOL. Tous gratuits. Enfants bienvenus.

 ناهار، دوستی و ESOL. همه آزاد است. کودکان خوش آمدید.

Mchana, urafiki na ESOL. Yote bure.   Watoto caribu

Qadada, Saaxiibtinimada  iyo luuqada Ingriiska(ESOL). Dhamaan waa lacag la’aan.

دوپہر کے کھانے کے، دوستی اور ESOL. تمام مفت. بچوں کا خیر مقدم.


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